International law offices of Ake & Associates was founded in Phuket since 2010, to provide professional, personalized Thai Legal Services by our Thai Lawyers, Thai Attorneys-at law and Thai Barristers-at-law.

We serve a wide range of clients:

  • Government Saving Bank
  • Financial Institutions
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Thai Companies
  • Private Individuals

All our Thai lawyers and para legal have vast experience in Thai Legal Services and law enforcement combined with strong relationships in various government organizations. This enables us to provide client care at an international standard.

We provide Thai Legal Services as international standard in several areas, including personalized legal services by Thai Lawyer, Thai Attorney-at-law and Thai Barrister-at-law who speak English and are qualified to give our clients Thai Legal Advice clients need, and can argue a case in both higher and lower Courts.

We are members in the following associations:

Experience & responsibilities

  • Legal advice
  • Client intake and counseling (with regard to pending litigation or arbitration)
  • Contracts drafting and Last Will
  • Research and drafting of court papers
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Advocacy (written and oral) in administrative hearings
  • Litigation in both higher and lower Court
  • Company formation and registration
  • Land and Properties protection
  • Prosecution and defense of criminal suspects
  • Protecting intellectual property etc.

Our Team

Akenarin Thongplod
Attorney at law, Notary Services Attorney

Frédéric Rétif
Legal advisor, Titulaire du C.A.P.A

Nuansnit Chuntawong
Attorney at law, Notary Services Attorney

Onwara Anakthumpinit
Attorney at law

Sujitra Chantawong
Attorney at law

Wilaiwan Downchoy
Lawyer Assistant